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Aims Edusoft : School / Collage Management System

Of Course, it is a Herculean task for an administrator to manage an institution. There are hundreds of things to take care during admissions and thereafter, to ensure that things run smoothly and without a hitch, it is best to automate things in a reliable manner. AIMS is an effort in this direction which has got successful result.

Features of the Product :
  • Multiple User Environments
  • Multiple Course Maintenance
  • Multiple Academic Years
  • Admitting Student respective class and section
  • Assigning Provisional / Permanent Roll Number
  • Assigning registration number
  • Fees Collection with SMS facility
  • Bus Fees Collection
  • Receipts and Payments Entry
  • Daybook Preparation
  • Preparing Timetables for student and teachers
  • Subject wise mark entry and generating student wise reports with Grade
  • Notification to Parents/Guardians of their wards performance with SMS
  • Preparing Attendance Report monthly and daily (Staff and Student)
  • Collection of Examination Fees
  • Pending Fees Collection Analysis
  • Student Analysis report
  • Generation of admission report/List
  • Generation of fees collection reports(Daily/Student wise/Monthly/Yearly)
  • Generation of Mark Statement / Mark Card
  • Preparing Gender wise reports
  • Student / Staff ID Card Generation
  • Generating Student Performance Records
  • Preparing Progress Card with Photo
  • SMS Centre ( Send Bulk / Individual / Class wise SMS to parents)
  • SMS Centre ( Send Bulk / Individual SMS to Staff Members)
  • Parents Visits Records maintenance
  • Daily Inspection reports Student and Staff
  • Meeting (Staff/School/Parents etc..)
  • Data Exports to Excel / PDF and others
  • Competition Entry and preparing Certificate
  • Student Events Entry and generating reports
  • School Application form Generation and printing
  • Staff Salary Calculation and preparing Pay slip / Payroll / PF/ Bank and other Statement
  • Sending SMS to staff members regarding there monthly salary details
  • Preparing Student and staff Academic History reports
  • And many more……..

Aims Library Management System

Keeping Track of each book in a library, where thousands of members take service, is a tedious job. We have com out with a solution that makes the library more secured and eases the pressure on the Librarian. This package has been developed for managing day to day transactions in library. It has a powerful Search option and BARCODE option

Care has been taken to see the human errors are eliminated, accessing information is speeded up and confusion is minimized by dividing each task into well defined modules, with module handling a specific task.

Features of the Product :
  • Maintenance of multiple User Database
  • Preparing User Photo ID Card
  • Setting Book Limits to the User
  • Preparing the Books Master
  • Preparing the Periodicals Master
  • Creating Author Master
  • Creating Publisher Master
  • Creating Location Master
  • Creating Book Supplier Master
  • Creating Designation Master
  • Creating Department Master
  • Calculating Fine and Loss of Books
  • Issue and Returning Books
  • Issue and Returning Periodicals
  • Reintroduce of Damaged Books
  • Maintenance of Reference Books
  • Powerful Search Engine
  • Automatic No dues Certificate Generation for the Deserved
  • Viewing Library Users Information
  • Maintenance of Books Stock In Library
  • Bar Code Integration
  • And many more Reports and Analysis……

Aims Paysoft : Payroll

Data Required

Aims Point Of Sale : Inventory / Super Market Software

Features of the Product :
  • Barcode Supporting (Barcode Scanning)
  • Barcode Label Printing
  • Multiple User Environments
  • Multiple Academic Years
  • Creating different types of Item and Groups
  • Creating different types of Suppliers and Customers and Groups
  • User Generated Unit of Measurement
  • User Generated Vat and Tax Systems
  • Creating Purchase order
  • Materials Input entry (:Purchase) and automated stock update
  • Sales Bill and update to stock
  • Purchase return information
  • Sales returns information
  • Updating wastage and damaged material to stock
  • Creating quotation information
  • Daily receipts and payments entry(voucher)
  • Day book preparation
  • Item wise stock ledger
  • Item wise stock statement
  • Bank transaction information
  • Generating VAT/ Tax Statement
  • Preparing Item wise Purchase reports
  • Preparing Item wise sales information
  • Preparing Purchase returns information
  • Preparing Sales returns information
  • Generating daily collection information
  • Generating user wise collection reports
  • And many more……..

Aims Publisher Management Software

Data Required